26 November – 14 January
Opening Saturday 26 November 13:00


We warmly invite you to Galerie ernst’s second show, featuring the works of Fernanda Barhumi Martinez, Lucas Atteveld and Piotr Urbaniec.

Vagonka is a word that describes the plastic cladding that can be used on the interior/exterior walls of a building. Vagonka usually resists rot, fading, corrosion, discoloration, and rust. Even though it is lightweight, it typically protects the building from the elements, such as rain, sun, and wind. The Vagonka provides a high standard of hygiene to the rooms because they resist accumulating dirt and moisture and are easy to clean. Installing Vagonka means covering the original wall of the building with artificial cladding, the result of which creates an inbetween space.

For this exhibition we propose the artist as an archeologist. Investigating text in search of the boundries of meaning, scouring forgotten objects to unify the past and present, and working on site, looking for clues that reveal the mystery of the everyday. All works are Vagonka in their own way, plastic cladding that protects against the fragile state of contemporary existance.