If you catch my chrysalis
2 September – 15 October


This was ‘ernst’s’ first exhibition featuring works by Carl Otto Linde, Melle van Herwaarden, Mica Pan, Meis Vranken, Jasper Rouwen and Emile Weisz

A chrysalis is a butterfly’s cocoon. The title refers to the artistic development of artists who stand at the beginning of their careers. This metaphor also refers to the formation of a new platform for art in Amsterdam, supporting and uniting a community of emerging contemporary artists.

During the process of setting up this exhibition, we realised step by step what the identity of this new platform could be. We wanted it to be a place of experimentation and play, bending the rules and structures of the conventional gallery. Our role became quite clear to us, namely to be promoter of the new and the fresh, to be warm and welcoming and to offer a space of new insights brought by the next generation of artistic guru’s.

This is only the start, which was close to the heart, inviting dear friends to set up this personal exhibition. During the opening and the weeks after, we noticed how important it is what we are doing. The space opens a fresh breeze of possibilities for young artists that have an urge to express their passions to the world. People want to be close to this, close to a source of pure inspiration. We attracted many people and have already build strong connections with a community that has been ringing the doorbell for a while and now only to find out the doors are finally open.